16 definitions by Lord_Prussia

A term for someone on roblox who dates someone on roblox. Basically, an oder
Someone: Why do people fuck on roblox?
Someone 2: Stupid Robloxophila...
by Lord_Prussia August 19, 2020
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Someone who knows everything. Knows every fact, every langauge, every word, everything.
Someone 1: He knows everything!
Someone 2: Hes a Salvatore
by Lord_Prussia December 21, 2021
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An impossibility. Because Q must be followed by U, it's impossible.
Guy 1: I wanna fly!

Girl: What? you can't fly...

Guy 2: Yeah, that's a qi.
by Lord_Prussia March 01, 2020
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A day of celebration for dicks. It usually falls on August 18th.
Guy: Your birthday falls on the same day as Penis Day.
Guy 2: I wish you never brought that into my mind. Don't do that again.
by Lord_Prussia September 05, 2020
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It means leet in numbers.
It’s used by 12 year olds.
12 year old: Hey, That’s 1337!
Mature 12 year old: Are you immature?
by Lord_Prussia January 06, 2019
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