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a piece of crusty skin that forms after you scrape your cock from a serious session of dick rubbing masturbation.
Sarah: Oh Etienne, I want you, let me suck you off
Etienne: Aww yeah, i'm so coked up right now
Sarah: Uhh... what the fuck is that shit?
Etienne: What shit?
Sarah: Do you have syphilis or some shit?
Etienne: No you dumb bitch, it's a dick scab
by Lord Dick October 12, 2011

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A cum squirt done by force to the face of a hooker or slut.
Hooker: Ooouu ouh yeaah
Jamal: Damn slut, you gotta tight-ass pussy
Jamal: I'm cummin'... I'm cummin!!!

(Jamal's friend Hunter comes in)

Hunter: Yo dog, that bitch ain't dun yeett son
Jamal: Wacha talkin' bout nigga?
Hunter: Give er a Lil' creamy
Jamal: HAHA get ova here bitch ass hoe
by Lord Dick October 14, 2011

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Any individual that likes to slurp up the anal juices after the act of intercourse.
Sam: yo dude, so how was your night?

Matt: It was great man, I was ass ramming this bitch
Sam: Damn yo, that's dope
Matt: Yeah bro, I slurpped up all the juices too
Sam: Awww sick dude! Don't be a Mr. Slurrpy!
by Lord Dick September 18, 2011

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