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A current flavor of the month music/fashion scene. Similar to the ravers of the 90's in that they are all style, and no substance. The girls are usually wanna-be pinup models, shamelessly ripping off betty page's look, while the guys all have the same ridiculous quif haircut, making them look kind of like the eraserhead haircut the dude from kid 'n play had in the 80s. Both sexes are usually covered in generic old school tattoos. When large groups of them get together, it is quite difficult to tell them apart. Often pretend to love old horror movies no one cared about 10 years ago, because it's the thing to do. Just when one thinks they cant get any more laughable, some try to speak in 50's greaser dialects...poorly. Needless to say, this group is the laughing-stock of punk rock.
Norma: "are you goin' to the psychobilly show tonight?"
Ray-ray: "Nah darlin' ima be too busy teasing up my pomp then pickin up peggy-sue from the hair salon"
by Long Bizzle August 06, 2007
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