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The spiritual, mythical, msytical and human creators of 'Drink Club'.

Philosophers, theologists and geeks throughout the ages have tried to determine if such utterly awesome and good looking "gods" ever existed. To this day "The Wholely Trinity" has been deemed as real as a man with no head, or as "just plain out there" as a nightmare with Santa Claus in it where he's wearing one of your shoes.

The debate continues... Some ask: "What's the pint"?
And so it was that from the 2nd to the 8th days The Wholely Trinity doth createth Drink Club for all to behold in awe and even more awe their ability to etch'o'sketch, create, and organise. Andeth in so doing so they hath demostrateth their ultimate powers, knowledge and classical good looks.
by Lobda Bollokov August 11, 2009
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