3 definitions by LittleMissEmma

To Inhale or Rack some good lines of Powders or Substances.
Person 1: Hey Dude! Guess what do you wanna go do some Snorts out the back of the concert?

Person 2: Hey there dude sure lets go rack off and do some snorts right now please and thank you!!!!
by LittleMissEmma April 21, 2021
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A Place to watch your favourite band with a stage and plenty of Music plus Singing and dancing from the very special Performer of your favourite Band.
Person 1: Yo Dude, Do you wanna go to all the concerts of that (insert favourite band here) Dudes for the lifetime of the band?
Person 2: Sure Dude wanna go do some snorts and have some drinks now then?

Person 1: Sure little Dudie!!
by LittleMissEmma April 22, 2021
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To enforce a change on a large amount of people by ways and means of a change you may be able to inspire in society or a subculture or a section of a whole society.
"Hey that dude just can Legislate Shit Up he just inspired a change in society by doing heaps of note worthy stuff."
by LittleMissEmma May 03, 2021
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