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"The Heff" is a mythical creature of unknown species that is believed to live in the town of Burnley in England. The only people who have sighted "The Heff" report seeing a mane of bushy hair over the top of a wall, and never any other part of the creature's body. "The Heff" is most commonly sighted in and around the Tesco store in Burnley, but has also been seen in other areas of the town. It is beleived that "The Heff" is male, but as there is no solid evidence for it's existence, this cannot be proved. Many claim "The Heff" to be merely an urban legend, but some swear that the creature is real.
"You'll never believe what I just saw in Tesco!"
"The Heff! I saw his hair sticking out above the aisle, but when I went to look he was gone!"
by Lir December 01, 2008

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