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After a wild and sloppy plunge into the Amazon jungle, a connoisseur(muff or meat)usually requires gettin'flossy to remove the pubes stuck in their teeth.
Damn dude ... that pussy was jungle feva!! I'm 'bout to get flossy!'
Girl! That brotha' would have got more play from a Weed-Wacker! I gots to get flossin'!
Sheeet, that was tasty!{cough,cough} I best be flossin'!
Whoaaaaa! Havn't you heard of Nair?! That shit's flossy!
"I'm sick of flossin'!!! Wax that monkey ass!"
Her bush was sooo wild, I was flossin' all night!
{Sluuurp ... Ahhhh}My wife's gonna bust my ass ... if I don't get to flossin'!
by Lil'MissBehaving October 04, 2007
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