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adj. a completely redundant and meaningless term used by both trannies and social justice warriors to ostracize the vast majority of people who happen to accept the way they were born, instead of masquerading as something they're not.
Tranny A: "I found out recently that Lydia is a cisgender POS."

Tranny B: "What? Lydia is a fellow member of the trans-community!"

Tranny A: "Wrong! Lydia was BORN a hermaphrodite. Lydia never needed to have surgery. That makes Lydia cisgender scum."
by LexicographisMaximus July 09, 2016

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noun. a word that Rupaul (the most popular tranny of all time) uses to describe fellow trannies (as verified on the WTF With Marc Maron Podcast)

Considered offensive by idiots and some trannies themselves, these persons prefer to be called "gender challenged".

Short for both #transexual & #transvestite
"In US states such as California, tax payers are actively subjected to being made responsible for the cosmetic surgery of convicted criminals such as Rodney James Quine, who since 1980 has been locked away for murder, kidnapping and robbery. This wasted tax money, instead of going to public programs such as higher education, has now been hijacked by libtards (namely the #lgbt lobby) to help murderers like Quine make the transition from typical dirtbag to full-blown tranny.

For gender-challenged individuals, this creates incentive for those of them who can't afford gender reassignment surgery to commit heinous crimes against the public that will land them in prison, in order to put themselves in a position to receive the surgery they want at no cost to themselves.
by LexicographisMaximus July 09, 2016

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