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Shota con is a Japanies art form similer to anime that is short for shotaru complex. In this art form a young under age boy, (usualy age 13 or under), is put into sexual situation with another person. The other person will usualy be a male if it's true shota con, but there are instances where the boy will be put into a situation with a female, if this is the case than it is known as straight shota. Although shota con uses under age children, it is not officialy child porn, showing that the images are only drawings, and is legal in Japan, along with certain parts of the U.S.A depending on local law. Shota con can also be expressed in a fanfic, or fan fiction, and the female extent of shota con is loli con, sort for lolita complex.
"If you ask me, I think that shota con is better then child porn, I'd rather see some pervert watching shota than have then peep on little boy undress, or worse."
by Let's say........ Bob September 30, 2006
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