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1. Ancient Nepalese Buddhist techinique for manipulation of forms.

2. The software package of the same name being developed which makes extensive use of these ancient techniques as well as proprietary technology that was originally patented in the late 80's but has been locked in probate after the development company folded in 1989. Plugins for the major DCC packages are also in development.

The technology is protected by NDA's in every country where it is being developed (there are seven), but it is reportedly based on a new form of geometric construction related to recursive integral binary mapping of microsubsurfaces.

3. The last name of primary Xdugef researcher, Thomas Xdugef, who reportedly spent 15 years living in a monastery/cave in the Himalayas without speaking, living on fallen leaves and rainwater, and comtemplating three small stones given to him by the last of the Xdugef monks in 1961.

After his retreat, Mr. Xdugef renounced his old name and took the one he has now, and began working on the Xdugef engine.
Xdugef will completely revolutionize the world of digital content creation when it becomes available to the public. Security for the project has heretofore been perfectly impenetrable, but there are rumors that it will be open-source, and thus the large DCC software corporations are doing their best to keep the project as quiet as possible, as they anticipate their business becoming completely obviated by the new technology.
by Leovod Ponstel December 13, 2003
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