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1. A take off whiskey dick, this party-centric term describes a member capable of penetrating solid walls and objects, including dry-wall and sheet steel. The catch is that only ghosts have them.

2. It can also describe a member exceptionally graceful in its ease of penetration, specifically those with foreskin intact.
1. Caspar - Oh shit guys, I think I got wispy dick. My gf is gonna be so mad.
Karl - Who cares dude, you can put that shit into anything! Wispy dick rocks.

2. Kelli - Caspar's wispy dick is so full of pleasure!
Jenny - Of course girl, it's how nature intended! The glide mechanism provides for ample lubrication and easy access to the g-spot. It's an overall wispy sensation.
by Leonard Klaus December 24, 2007
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A play off the popular number Too Legit to Quit by the preeminent MC Hammer, this phrase is used with pride by classy ladies (and some men) to describe their aversion to public toilets.

Best accompanied by a little shuffle dance
Haris Pilton, upon seeing a disgusting and desecrated stall: "OMG! I'm Too Legit to Sit, use the damn paper you rat whores!"
by Leonard Klaus July 30, 2009
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