6 definitions by Lena_S

A large sum of money that can be freely used for one's needs.
I'm 2 grand ahead this month. Those are some fat funds!
by Lena_S December 31, 2019
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Can be an abbreviation of almost anything as long as it spells foe, but usually means Ferociously Overpowered Enemy or Fucking Overpowered Enemy. Taken from Etrian Odyssey. It refers to any video game enemy that is so overpowered it is meant to be avoided, but can be defeated with enough persistence or character strength.
"Damn this game! How do I beat the dragon in stage 3?" "It's an F.O.E, a fucking overpowered enemy. You can avoid it and come back to kill it when you've leveled up."
by Lena_S January 22, 2021
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A penis, especially one that tends to ejaculate a lot and manage to stay up during sex.
John really knows how to work his fuck hose!
by Lena_S February 27, 2021
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Any device which is inspired by, is a knockoff of, or blatant IP theft of Nintendo hardware or software.
Playstation move? That's kinda Pretendo.
by Lena_S January 22, 2021
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An Italian American who is out of touch with authentic Italian culture. Called so because pepperoni, the salami, isn't really an authentic Italian food.
Jacky is such a pepperoni. I've heard he even condones Olive Garden!
by Lena_S February 19, 2021
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Literally something that sprouted out of feces, such as a flower or some other plant. Metaphorically someone or something that doesn't amount to much more than crap, despite any superficial qualities. Not quite a diamond in the rough. They would rather wallow in crap by choice.
Mike is such a turd blossom underneath that friendly smile.
by Lena_S September 20, 2019
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