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Belinda Terpstra, known for being ‘Laura Terpstra’s’ mum. “I swear she was swapped at the hospital, she’s to perfect to be in our family.”-Belinda Terpstra
Looks after mother in law all day. Belinda Terpstra sat in the same chair for the 5th time this hour explaining something she already said 5 times again to her mother in law.
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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Hank Terpstra, known for being “Laura Terpstra dad.” ‘I just don’t know how she’s my child she’s just so perfect, nothing like me.’ -hank Terpstra, about laura Terpstra.
Hank Terpstra played dis golf for 4hours straight all for what? To Bulli his brother in law
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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Hannah Pearce, used to be Hannah Terpstra , known for being “Laura Terpstra’s older sister.” She’s just so pretty, when I was younger I used to sit and wonder how I am possibly related to such amazing kid.” -Hannah Pearce , for laura Terpstra.
Hannah Pearce ran for 30 secs before she looked like the Niagara Falls.
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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Isaiah Terpstra, known for being “Laura Terpstra’s little brother” “I wish I was as hot and cool as laura” -Isaiah Terpstra
Isaiah Terpstra’ “do you know the answer to 376486488x2567775?” Proceeds to say the answer.
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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Laura Terpstra, She is a very hot child. And is the coolest most talented in her family. Every body looks up to her well not literally cause she’s one of the shortest in her family. But that all wish they were her.
Laura Terpstra. Born: 30/1/2008 Australia. “Everyone wishes they were her!” -everyone ever.
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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Charliesputhay is a extremely funny tiktok account that needs followers. They should be more famous than Charlie damelio. Charliesputhay is a fp for the hot Mr Charlie puth. It also mocks him.
Oh my gosh I’m emo! Charlie puth says, Charliesputhsy account will give proof. Charliesputhay, basically means emo chic.
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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Ethan Terpstra, is known for being" Laura Terpstra's" older brother. " she's just so amazing I wish i was as cool as her." -Ethan terpstra, for Laura Terpstra!
Candice? " Candice who?" Ethan Terpstra is pretty funny, one of the better of the bunch. Although plays minecraft.
by Lau Lau. T June 8, 2021
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