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An ex- WoW player, who held a wide arsenal of abilities, including but not limited to: transforming into a tree, bird, cheetah, bear, Mr.Kitty, and a boomkin. Often characterized by his tendency to make silly mistakes, saying dumb things, and moving and doing things rather slowly. Thus, the name Garebear, deriving from bears in WoW being rather slow in movement and combat. Once on a blue moon, the Garebear offers quite enlightening wisdom that he shares with intelligent friends, but most of the time it's just a really slow lump of flesh that does silly things. The Garebear often listens to crappy pop music, until taught to listen to Hard rock and metal. The Garebear also almost never watches TV and is extremely naive and oblivious to many things. Despite constant acts of depravity and idiocracy, the Garebear is quite lovable and funny, entertaining millions with it's idiotic attitude.
Butters from South Park can be characterized as a Garebear, from the episode "Stupid Spoiled Whore", as he did used to play WoW from the episode "Make Love not Warcraft"

"I'm a bad bear, I'm a bad bad ol' bear" -Butters
by Lamentation's End July 11, 2011
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