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a name you give to someone who is a sus(suspicious or suspect)
“Jack”:can I lick your leg?
Jeremy:no,shut up sussy
by Lackifall December 19, 2019

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When you are a pro at mobile games
Dirty dan:*plays call of duty mobile

Some loser:your goated on the screen my guy!!

Dirty dan:that’s why I play on mobile cause I’m not goated on the sticks
by Lackifall October 05, 2019

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A flat earther
Pancake: hey do you know the earth is flat?!!??
Intellectual: no
Pancake: yEs iT iS bEcAuSe gRaViTy iS jUsT A tHeOrY, iTs aLl dEnSiTy aNd bUoYaNcY
Intellectual: im about to end this mans whole career
by Lackifall December 03, 2020

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Someone who is just a straight up fanboy of nba youngboy, they say his songs are amazing, and say he’s the best rapper, and they will most likely sag their pants
Guy: “isn’t youngboy the best rapper, no one is better than him, he has the best lyrics and flow!”
Other guy: you’re such a nba fanboy, 2pac is the best, his lyrics, rhythm and melody is better”
by Lackifall October 21, 2020

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Someone who is inferior to you in some way or they do something stupid,you call them your son
“Jerome is my son for being slower than me”
by Lackifall September 10, 2020

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Anti-karma,antikarma,or anti karma is when you do something good and that goodness strikes back at you
“When I gave a homeless man $1000 to get back on his feat,I got antikarma by suddenly blowing up on the internet”
by Lackifall September 09, 2020

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Someone whos dirty,or smells dirty
Guy 1:There were a lot of stools in the store
Guy 2:Take a shower...
by Lackifall August 10, 2020

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