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The worst fukan band known to man. Consist of about 6 ass clowns who sound like shit and look like shit. They are considered metal, when really there nothing more than crappy, poppy, useless, mainstream whores. They are the epitome of what is bad with music, and are nothing more than shit nu metal. Their singer sound like angry little chihuaha, and their rapper sounds like a cat being run over. Totally lowered themselves by teaming with that dirty nigger Jay Z. Now exist soley for the purpose of destroying today's youth. A disgrace to everything rock and music stands for. All members should be shot, then cut into lots of little bits, then burned. May they rot in hell
Linkin Park are the worst band known to mankind. They make the Spice Girls look like the originators of music. Liking them will totally ruin your social life

Fag: "Hey dude, wana go listen to some Linkin Park?!"
Normal person: "Dude your a fuken loser, go and die, just wait till I tell everyone, get out of my site shit stain"
by LPHATER June 25, 2005

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