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Taken from the first names of the two members of one of the strongest shonen-ai/yaoi canon pairings for the anime 'Naruto' from ShonenJump.
The two boys (the primary protagonist Naruto Uzumaki and his rival Sasuke Uchiha,) were forced into an accidental kiss in the third episode of the anime (though Cartoon Network edited it out).
This has inspired one of the greatest fandoms known SasuNaru into a search ending would give you millions of results.
The name that is placed first is of the SEME or 'attacker' and the name second is the UKE or 'reciever'. I will not go into details. You have imaginations. Use them.
SasuNaru is more popular than it's alternate NaruSasu.
I really don't see why.
Do Not Slander Pairings Thou Does Not Like.
For The Fangirls Will Find Thee.
And Then, Thee Is Doomed.
And SasuNaru Fangirls, They Art The Most Bloodthristy Creatures On Earth When Their Fandom Is Threatened.
by Kyu Furi February 26, 2008

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