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The term "Mongoloid" is a racial category used to describe people of East Asian origin. Its use originated from a variation of the word "Mongol", a people who are considered one of the main proto-populations for the race. The classification is primarily useful when studying human prehistory, and in forensic analysis of human remains, in which "Mongoloid" denotes a particular racial skull type. "Larger brain, larger braincase, broader skull, broader face, flat roof of the nose, inner eye fold, more protuberant eyes, lack of brow ridges, greater delicacy of bones, shallow mandibular fossa, small mastoid processes, stocky build, persistence of thymus gland into adult life, persistence of juvenile form of zygomatic muscle, persistence of juvenile form of superior lip muscle, later eruption of full dentition (except second and third molars), less hairy, fewer sweat glands, fewer hairs per square centimeter and long torso" "Mongoloid subjects were found to have approximately 20% higher bone density at the angle of mandible than Caucasoid subjects
Mongoloid race are very smart people, fact the smartest people. And others are so insecure, so they made up an medical word opposing it, and desperately trying to hide the meanings of it.
by Kublai Khan Kuo March 05, 2009
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