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Belts is another word for Affirmative , and can be used in place of words or phrases such as "thats cool"or "Thats the shizzle"
Friend: check out my ice
BOB: Belts

Friend1: I just got an A on my Art final"
Friend 2:"Thats belts mate"
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by Kolochilok machaliticarajah November 01, 2020

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A locker is the schoolyard equivalent of real estate.
Wow Jim sure has a monopoly over the lockers near room 12b
by Kolochilok machaliticarajah July 30, 2019

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Ahmed is praiseworthy, he come off as arrogant, but as you will find out ,it’s not arrogance if it’s justified. Loyal and dangerous Ahmed is one hell of a man.
Hot damn Ahmed actually sued us, the son of gun actually sued us.
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by Kolochilok machaliticarajah April 07, 2020

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A play on people in which you bamboozle them with awesomeness.
How will you get out of detention?

I will use the Ahmed Ally
by Kolochilok machaliticarajah September 12, 2020

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