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BJJ is a homoerotic pseudo-martial arts practiced by males who only want to rub their bodies on another man's body for sexual gratification and BDSM play.

Originally from japan, it was modified by the Gracie family without acknowledging the original art. The original Judo was stripped by the Gay-cie family of it's standing attacks so that it becomes only a ground fighting art.

BJJ starts with a take down where the MMA fighter grabs his opponents leg to make him fall. Once the opponent is on the ground, they soon start rubbing their face and their body on their opponent's body resulting in an erection.

BJJ is ineffective against multiple opponents because you can only takle one opponent to the ground while the other opponents happily stomp on your head.

Also known as Blow Job Jitsuck
Bullied boy: (to Bully) I know why you want to fight me that much. Its because you want to use BJJ on me so you can rub your body against mine!
Bully: You are mistaken, I dont want to rub my body on you with BJJ, I just want to smell your crutch
by Klizfer2 November 22, 2018
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