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The band Major O (also known as Major Orgasms to fans) is a California rock quartet who play pop punk and punk rock music. The band originally formed in Mid 2005 by Hugo Huezo (Vocalist and Guitarist) and William Ochoa (Bassist and Vocalist) in Los Angeles, California. Originally the band's official name was "Major Orgasms", however the guys soon realized it was hard to get shows with the word, "Orgasms" in their name because no one took them seriously, so "Orgasms" was substituted with "O" and life went on. From Mid 2003 till early 2005 the band had struggled finding a serious drummer. They had already gone through two drummers, and were doubting finding one when they found Sam Kerr (drummer) on Myspace. "Hes nothing but a white eating salad dude who is as serious as it can get." -Hugo Huezo. All together they practiced for the very first time as a band in May 21, 2005. Major O played many shows as a trio, when in December 2006, William Ochoa left the band to pursue other things. Soon after, William's departure, Oscar Diaz (Hugo's long time friend) joined the band as a bassist and vocalist. In July 2007 Wilber Oliva (Bassist and Vocalist) joined the band, this led Oscar Diaz to a second Guitarist forming the quartet you know today as Major O. The guys from Major O continue getting shows when possible. They will eventually get somewhere in life due to their dedication and hard work, so be prepared. -Mellissa Comparan.
"Hey, did you hear Major O's song Letting Go?"

"Yeah and that shit was tight!"
by Kitteh KaBOOM November 14, 2007
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