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An anti american band which is im glad about it. They talk a lot of how american shows off to much......... well americans do show offs specially that baboon ass face George w. Bush or ill say Gay W. Bitch. Well the good thing that system of a down has come to sack the town...... so that the american knows that they show off to much. one of their great song is chop suey..... download them....if you download like avril songs thats mean you are fuckin idiot..... Avril is such a copy cat.... she took some of the songs that already from the group. example: knoking on heavens door (guns n roses) chop suey (system of a down). man if you kill that bitch i give you $20.000.000. aight thats all of the story.
Chop suey, toxicity
by Kiss my ass scar face February 05, 2004
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