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System of A Down, or SoaD for short is the greatest band out there. Their lead singer Sarj Tankian and the gutairist Daron Malakian met at their bands seprete recordings. They got along well and they started a band togeather. They ended up getting John Dolmayan the drummer and Shavo Odadjian the bass player. They have released three cds to date. Their Self-Titled System Of A Down, Toxicity, and Steal this Album!. At the current time they are recording a two new cd deal, Hyptnotise and Mesmorize. They are fairly popular and speak aginst war and speak for human rights. They do this in their songs. (War, BYBO, F the System, Boom, Prision Song, Deer Dance, and some others) I would classify them as a metal band. Not a heavier one.
System Of a Down is the greatest band to have ever walked this planet.
by Kiley THE SOAD ADDICT April 02, 2005

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