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Term used to describe the act of having sex in semi-public places, usually after hours or in vacant facilites, and causing a fair property damage in that act.

Sexual vandalism takes mere al fresco sex a step further by adding the thrill of wanton hooliganism.

Note that to sexually vandalise a person could have a completely different meaning to that of doing it to various public property.
me and my girlfriend broke into her school the other night to enjoy a bit of sexual vandalism of account of her graduating from that place soon. we romped all over and broke 2 sinks in the men's bathroom, ended up cracking the glass of their photocopier, moved all the potted plants into the entrance lobby and spay painted cocks on all the notice boards in the halls.
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir January 29, 2009
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an aggressive tickle on someone (or thing) as a show of exuberant affection. with possibility of light biting.

the assailant makes "the claw" formation with his/her hands and proceeds to assail the victim by grappling and rubbing the tips of their crooked fingers vigorously into their sides while making "rawr rawr rawr" or similar animal sounds.

note that the occurrence of biting will depend on the presumed level of familiarity between the parties involved or if it's a cultural thing. Body parts that may be seized by teeth include face, neck, shoulders, boobs or any limbs thrown up by the victim in defence.

origins: like a huggle, but worse. contracted/mashed up form of the words 'tickle' or 'tackle' and 'aggression' that pops up when people are too excited to properly think through what they are saying.
1. that crazy girl triggled me out of nowhere, it was fun and all but would you look at that hickie?? *points at neck*

2. My dog triggled me when I got home with the groceries. I still can't tell if she really likes me or was only going for the food.
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir February 10, 2009
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young people, early twenties, fresh out of college, who choose willingly not to seek employment and will often live at the parental residence for a period of time ranging from 6 months to a year.

The voluntary bum partakes in virtually no social activity, ignoring calls from friends and/or extended family, dismissing invitations to social events, etc. The voluntary bums involve themselves in the simpler joys, such as, sleeping, eating, reading the books they never had the time to read, watching the movies they couldn't go to, etc. On the surface, the voluntary bum seems to act exactly like your average bum.

However, unlike regular bums, The voluntary bums are merely resting from the bullshit they had to endure while in the educational system. i.e. pretty much their whole life until now.

While seemingly lounging about with no goal in life, the voluntary bum is actually slowly mustering a plan of action, which once he/she has fully figured out, will be used to go forth in adult life, serene.
A: hey man have you seen D around? he's been MIA for the past couple months.
B: Oh yeah, I heard he had become a voluntary bum. He'll probably come out of his retreat in a few months.
C: darn, D is a cool frood with a plan. I wish I had voluntarily bummed after college.
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir November 04, 2007
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Condition, usually affecting women who are emotionally upset, which manifest it self when subject automatically replies "bullshit" to anything their spouse, boyfriend or partner says without pausing to consider what has been said, only that said spouse, boyfriend or partner has said something.

A person being autobullshitted usually has no idea what the hell he did wrong to begin with. Trying to find out usually makes thing worse.

The autobullshitting phase may go away as suddenly as it came.
Dave: I love you.
Sarah: Bullshit!

Dave: this milk is low fat
Sarah: fucking bullshit!!

Dave: did you hear the one about dyslexic guy who walked into a bra?
Sarah: bullshiiiiiiiit!!!!!1

Dave: 6 x 7 = 42.
Sarah: you asshole that's so fucking bullshit!! bullshit! bullshit! bullshit! u suck!!

Frank: could I have another slice of that marvellous pie?
Sarah: why of course.
Dave: ou. me too.
Sarah: Bullshit!

Dave: why are you so pissed at me??? whatever it is, I'm sorry! I'll do anything you want! say anything you want... but please stop..
Sarah: how the fuck can you pretend not to know?? bullshit!!

Dave: really dear, your autobullshit is getting tiresome. goodbye.
Sarah: bullsh-- hey, wait. where are you going? honey?
Dave: *slams door*
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir August 25, 2009
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another word to describe emo teenagers suffering(or so they claim) from angst
twilight. lots of teenangsters in that one.
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir March 17, 2009
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Basically any internet venture, be it idea, website, service or anything else generally related to IT that is popular or innovative enough to have the potential to be bought out by Google inc. and be assimilated as a googlet.

One cannot always predict what is googleable or not. But if it sounds like a good enough idea, one can bet google wants it.
youtube, blogger, feedburner, doubleclick, even fucking adsense and the famous google maps.


Bob: omg guyz i think i just had a googleable!!!1123
uberunderdarklord1985: zomg quickly buy the domain name
by Ketwaroo D. Yaasir January 19, 2009
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