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1. (n)

A. (1)An unsusally large trailer park, or any trailer park located near a lake or river. (2)A Shangra-la for white trash (like the local K or Wal-Marts).(3) jail, esp. county jail.

B. A poor Republican voter, or a Rich Republican with an arrest record; a republican with a distant or delusional view of current events;

2. (adj)

A. Very primitive, racist, or narrow views towards social or political subjects.

B. The twisting of facts as if they did not understand the facts or does not understand English or does not speak English.
(A) 1.The Trailerparkia near the 7-11 always smells like Rabbit stew and Bud Light. 2.I got this wifebeater from the Trailerparkia on 5th and Vine near the tracks. 3.My cousin will be arriving from Trailerparkia this afternoon.
(B)The Trailerparkian is exporting Meth from his homeland.

(A) Jed's Trailerparkian comments started a riot at the Raider's game this afternoon.
(B) Rush's drug-induced Trailerparkian rants made it seem like the Iraq War was Clinton's fault although Iraq nor Clinton had anything to do with 9/11.
by kermit D. Frogz May 21, 2005
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Also known as "the popeye"; a sexual technique where after ejaculating on, in or near your partner you save some of the sperm and smear some on her eye so that when she wakes up in the morning her eye is stuck shut making her look like Popeye.

If you add a Dirty Sanchez it becomes "the Poopdeck Pappy" (Poopdecks are done mainly while partner is awake and is not a true popeye).
I gave my girl a popeye and she socked me in the jaw after I said "now blow me down, biotch!"
by kermit D. Frogz June 05, 2005
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