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To do this you must have a hockey goalie mask and a Wayne Gretzky Jersey. To begin one must take a shit into the goalie mask and place it on a females head, the female must also be wearing your Wayne Gretzky Jersey. As the shit drips on to the jersey and her face you turn your lady friend around and begin to prod her asshole and vagina with your penis. As you do this you ask your lady friend to guess which hole you will stick your penis inside. Quickly turn the female around and cum in her face shouting "I AM THE GREAT ONE!" As you cum in this woman's face your friends come out from the closet, celebrating the goal, where they have been hidden the entire time and begin to jack off on the lady friend that you have been fucking the entire time. In the end your lady friend should be covered in your cum, shit, and the cum of all your friends.
"DUDE!!!! The Gretzky worked great last night"

"The Gretzky is so much fun, MY GIRLFRIEND LOVES IT!"
by Kelvin Hause September 16, 2008

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