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1. a get together of Disney characters where they can practice their more "hardcore" joys in life (example: drinking, smoking, dancing, sexual activity, prolonged watching of sporting events, sipping fraps, etc.). Those invited to these kinds of get togethers are those characters from any Disney movie, Disney channel original movie, Disney channel cable television show, etc. Mufasarama hosts are picked out of a hat by Mufasa himself, and hosts may host Mufasarama once only. Mufasarama can take place in any closed area where cameras, papparazzi, or recording of any kind are not permitted. Any beings at Mufasarama events that are not a disney character, must have a written invitation scribed by Mufasa himself.
2. noun.
any activity made by any being not suitable for Disney viewers.
3. noun.
my child. Who is siamese twins with my other child, Mufasa. They are connected by the thumbs. ALso, they are hermaphrodites.
1. Snow White- Are you prepared for hosting Mufasarama tonight?
Cody (The Suite Life of Zach and Cody)- Damn straight, bitch. I've got jello-shots!!!
Snow White- Fuck off, lameass.

2. Person 1- I'm a busta cap in yo ass if you don't watch yaself homie.
Person 2- Now THERE'S some Mufasarama.
Person 1- What the hell?!
Person 2- Nevermind...

3. Come, Mufasarama, your Fancy Feast is ready.
by Kelley-Bean & Lainey- Lynn June 10, 2005
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