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A term used to describe large breasts, implying that they are so large that they are heavy.
Damn, she's got the heavies
by Keldrew May 26, 2021

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The female version of Dude. Normally a relatively cool girl who can chill with the boys and play some drinking games. Typically used in improvised speech after a frat boy addresses a group of people with "Dudes", realizes that females are in the premises, and acknowledges them by adding " and Dudettes"

Not to be confused with Brodette, which is similar to Dudette, but likely to be less attractive.
"Hey there dudes and dudettes"
by Keldrew May 26, 2021

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A short way of affirming what someone else is saying, especially when they are listing or ranting.
"We need more people at this party. I think inviting John, Paul, Pierre and Perry will liven up the vibes."
by Keldrew May 26, 2021

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A category 3 level of being down bad, being down cataclysmic can only be used to describe someone willing to go so low that one would have to otherwise be insane to commit such acts. Down Cataclysmic is so bad that one does not even need to respond with a sentence, they can just say "Down cataclysmic".

Similar to down horrendous and down bad, but much much worse.
"I took an 8 hour plane ride and $140 dollar Uber to see her, but she was busy that day, so I jerked off to her Bitmoji in the public bathroom and then went home."
"Down Cataclysmic.
by Keldrew May 28, 2021

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An adjective to describe someone or an accessory that is either stylish or good looking.

Originally used to describe diamond jewelry, since the crystalline stone appears similar to ice.
"Man that's your new watch?"
"Yeah, laced with diamond baby."
"Yo shit looks icy."
by Keldrew May 26, 2021

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A word used to describe a situation, person, or event that is bad, lame, or uncool.
"Did you go to that party?"
"Yeah it was beat"

"Hey dude I'm sorry I can't make it tonight I have dinner with my girl"

"How was the girl"
"She's beat"
by Keldrew May 26, 2021

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The female version of bro, someone who is chill and good friends with you. A way for guys to convey to a girl that she is "one of the boys" without use of "the boys". Often times a girl who all the boys love to chill with but would never date.

Some guys will incorrectly call a girl they are attracted to a Brodette, in order to pretend they are in it just for the friendship.
"You know Bridgette too?"
"Yeah she's super cool. An absolute Brodette."
by Keldrew May 26, 2021

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