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Scum of the earth. Live in caravans on other people's property because they are so cheap they won't pay taxes. Steal water from the farmers taps because they want to spend the money they do have (usually stolen) on cheap tacky gold chains, hoop earrings, burberry hats, trackies, shell toe trainers. You walk past one and they accuse you of starting on them but there is no point having a fight with one because they will go get all their incestuous brothers/cousins on you. They can't see straight because they have crossed eyes which is an affect of the inbreeding. There mothers are their sisters/cousins/grandmas/aunties. Usually in a group they turn a field and turn it into a pikey pit. They all have the same surname because they are all related. ARe incredibly stupid their vocabulary consists of the words "init", "bruv", "you startin?", "burberry", "mint", "trackies". Whine on about being better off than you although they live in crappy little caravans. Go around trying to act all hard when really they are cowardly shits. Should have been destroyed at birth.
Pikey - "I am well richer than you bruv"
Me - "Well why don't you live in a house then?"
by Katy S May 29, 2006
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