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Caspar Richard Lee is a 17-year-old, new and contemporary, South African YouTube comedian. He is commonly described as “extremely good-looking,” “incredibly funny,” “a YouTube sensation,” having “gorgeous eyes,” “awesome hair,” and a “cute accent.” He is known for having a great body (as many of his videos feature him shirtless).

He was born on 24th April 1994 in London, UK but then moved to South Africa.

Caspar has a quirky, cool, and very loveable personality. Adding a range of different types of humour in his videos engages a large audience of viewers.

Caspar had a few YouTube channels when he was younger. Now he creates and uploads his videos more seriously and frequently. His new and current channel is in the name of “dicasp.” He creates random funny videos about the most random topics! Many of his videos star Caspar with his mum, adorable dogs, sister or friend. His snog.com account is in the same name.

Caspar has a Facebook fan page dedicated to him (casplee).

He is often featured live on his online profiles of mainly blogTV (dafrica) and YouNow. Viewers can chat to him live as they watch.

Caspar is a frequent Tweeter @Caspar_Lee. He sometimes streams live video on twitcam.

Caspar is on other social networking websites too.

Other well-known YouTube comedians Tweet him, are fans, and even sometimes refer to him in their videos. He is popular around the world as in town! Some fans create videos in honour of him and post them on YouTube.
Brittany: Who's that hot guy you keep watching on YouTube?
Me: It's Caspar Lee! I know he is so cute and hilarious! His videos are so addictive!

Olivia: OMG! Is that Caspar Lee?! I love his videos! He's so funny!
Me: I know he's awesome! Can't get enough of him!

Jessie: That guy is so cute!
Me: Totally like Caspar Lee!
by Katie Anderson April 18, 2012

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