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She is the best person you will ever meet. There are only a few people that can legitimately make u excited for the day ahead, and she is one of them. Her prescence literally lights up a room. She can dance like nobody's business. Her FaceTime calls make me smile. Her wit and humor is contagious. Her weirdness and unapologetical authenticity makes you love her even more. She can be as sassy as a queen, but you can't get mad at her. She is completely aware of her flaws, but accepts them and doesn't let them define her. I have never met such an encouraging girl that has made me realize my self- worth. If you ever meet Mary- hold on to her for life. Because I sure am.
Katherine- "do u know how awesome mary is"
Charlie- "no"
Katherine- "that sucks"
by Kat4d May 20, 2018

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