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one of the best bands of our time. dont agree? count the awards they have won.

some people say they are 'emo/whiney' but they aren't. anyone who actually listens to an album of theirs knows that a lot of their songs are fun, such as "Jump" "My Alien" "When I'm Gone" "Generation" "Running Out of Time" "Grow Up" and many many many others.

They are from Montreal Canada, they speak french, and have five/six members. They "vlog" or video blog to keep their fans updated. They have traveled around the world, selling out shows, and if you ever meet them,you will know that they are probably the kindest rock stars you can ever talk to.
Pierre Bouvier is the lead singer, formerly in the band Reset.

David Desrosiers is the bassist and was also formerly in the band Reset. He was described as 'Scrumdiddlyumptos' in CosmoGirl!

Sebastian Lefebvre is one of their guitarists, usually is the one vlogging, and used to be a janitor at his old high school. He is on Man of The Hour with Patrick.

Jeff Stinco is the their other guitarist, and is the other guy who 'vlogs' a lot alongside Sebastian.

Chuck Comeau is the drummer, formerly in Reset, also. He has grazed drumming magazine covers, and writes a lot of their songs. He vlogs regularly, too.

Last but not least, there is Patrick Langlois who is sort of like Simple Plan's right-hand man, appears in almost all of their videos and can sometime be seen running the merchandise booth at shows. He is on Man of The Hour with Sebastian.
I just baught the new Simple Plan album! It rocks!
imple Plan is coming to our town! yay!
by Kat (meow) July 10, 2008

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