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Someone who thinks soccer is a manly game and that American football is for pussies. Someone who thinks BJ's are for giving, not receiving and that it is better to get a dick up the butt rather than give a dick up the butt. Someone who thinks that a kick-slide is better than a kick off. Someone who thinks that a goalie is more athletic than a middle linebacker. Can usually be spotted by his Canadian accent, his fruity prancing, and would rather spend time with Roger Hazard than Tanya Memme.


Robert: “I think that Beckham fellow is rather cute in his soccer uniform and will do just ducky in making soccer a huge success in America”.

Karl: “Damn, you are such a Braithwaite”.

Example 2:

Robert: "Beckham will become the highest paid sports player in America."

Chet: "And he's a Braithwaite because he plays soccer."
by Karl Brady January 24, 2007
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