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The scale used to determine the physical attractiveness of another person. Can also include personality, but let's face it, not usually.
Guy 1: hey did you see that girl? She's a total 10 on a 1-10 scale
Guy 2: you know it bro, just got her number
by Kahn Jeff Fennedy September 17, 2016

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1. A girl who tries to get a date with you (or otherwise use you) just to get food/your money.
I shouldn't have used tinder; it's full of food hoes. They just want me to take them out to get free food.
by Kahn Jeff Fennedy March 11, 2017

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When you play World of Warcraft (or another video game) so long that your head hurts and you feel groggy.
Man I can't do my homework anymore. I shouldn't have played for 6 hours today... guessing I have a case of wow brain.
by Kahn Jeff Fennedy October 11, 2016

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An excuse to avoid people you don't wanna see during the Corona pandemic.
Girl: I'm not doing anything today.. so bored...
Me: Wanna hangout?
Girl: oh....Umm I'm social distancing right now.....

*Girl posts on story with her and a group of people later*
by Kahn Jeff Fennedy March 18, 2020

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Random Crazy Laughter:

When you suddenly outburst into laughter after thinking about something funny that had happened recently. People usually give you weird stares as you fumble to explain your sudden laughter.
I was at work yesterday when I thought of that joke the other night and had a total RCL.
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by Kahn Jeff Fennedy July 19, 2017

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1:To assert your intelligence over another individual with the intent of proving you're better than them in every way.
2:A nickname for Alabama
Guy 1: I think the answer is 1872?
Guy 2: No. The answer is 1875 idiot.
Guy 1: Stop pulling a Bama
by Kahn Jeff Fennedy May 28, 2012

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Looks good in pictures but not in reality.

1. A person who is attractive in photos but not in reality. The opposite of in-person hot.

2. A situation that seems great on paper, but is definitely not great once it happens. Similar to Honeypot.
Friend: Hey bro... Check out my girlfriend.
Guy: Dang she's hot....
*Meets her*
Guy: Yeah nvm dude....she's a total microwave dinner.
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by Kahn Jeff Fennedy August 11, 2019

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