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Intelligent smart and gorgeous people whether they are male or female. They dominate this pathetic country called America. The technology we come up with are amazing and half the electronics in the USA are made in Korea. I mean come on, Abercrombie originated in Korea and yet they had to be sued so that they come to their senses and pathetic JAPS who take over it, dont do it justice. We are originals and Americans just copy it and call it theirs. GET OVER, our guys are hot, our girls are gorgeous, its obvious who is better in this petty petty country. Not all Koreans are nerds, that's stereotype. And even if we are nerds, we're hot nerds, so gorgeous you probably couldn't even tell if we are a nerd or not.

And by the way, KOREANS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE USA. MTV is officially making a channel just for Korean music. Which obviously means that the music rocks.

So haters, please just
Dayum, those Koreans are hot, and pretty dang smart.
by KOREAN PRIDE September 09, 2006
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