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Bergen County is easily one of the richest counties out there.. Cali has nothin on us fuck laguna beach, fucken Jersey shore is where its at. Bergen county also throws the best parties in the nation cuz we just dont stop..Bergen County has been run by Bergenfield(Bfield.The fields,bear country) since the 60s. Bergenfield by far has the toughest kids you'll ever meet. We'll take any bitch ass town in the county. Bergenfield simply throws the best parties and fucks mutha fuckas up. Bergenfield is also notorious for sucking at sports, But actually we have some of the best athletes out there its just that we spend all our time Drinkin smokin and partying like the maniacs we are. And we better never see any of u dumont new milford or tenafly fuckers at our 'club wendys', 7 11, 'or bk lounge' . Douchemont sux.The novel wasteland also took place in the fields.. Bergen county is also the home of the bomb threat, but we just do it to fuck aroubd n get out of skool cuz no one ever really does anything.
Dude I went to this crazy party in Bergen County with madd rich kids, and then these bergenfield kids came and out drank everyone and then fucked up these dumont kids.
by KGR #44, the 189 September 30, 2007

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