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The REAL medical word for kiddie-ass hiccups. (Yes, it is chronic, exhausting and debilitating.)
My speech was ruined by a bad case of singultus. Singultus is an under rated communication problem.
by KB Raymond July 15, 2006
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A popular nickname for the rural and historic Shenandoah Valley college-town Lexington, Virginia. The complete opposite of Las Vegas, Nevada, Lexington is quaint, small, conservative and has very little nightlife. The ironic humor of this nickname appeals to the steady flow of visitors, students, faculty, and transplants that come from urban and suburban communities and maybe experiencing some culture shock.

The name "Lex Vegas" was originally coined in 1992 by former Lexington Fitness Center owner Karen Cohen. Since then there has ( independently) been a heavy metal band, and a T-shirt series promoting the name 'Lex Vegas' in Lexington..
"Yo, be careful partying in town tonight... they roll up the pavement at 2 a.m. here in Lex Vegas".
by KB Raymond December 01, 2006
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