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Getting totally smashed on a full bottle of whatever, and then getting busted by your parents. You don't remember much of the 'getting busted part', but you do remember that said parent was totally chill about it. This is also after you have drunk dialed half of your friends.
Me: finished off a full bottle of jack, only to pass out mid-sentence with my 2 friends on the phone. They freaked, and called my dad seeing as i was by myself, and he came upstairs. I only remember him putting me into bed, and then later on coming up the stairs with shot glasses and saying "this is how much you can have. like 3 of these. thats it."
so, later on my friend (same one who was on teh phone last time...) had a similar instance (big ass bottle of tequila, got all giggly, and then waltzed into her mom's room and was like "I've been hittin' the sauce, ma!" (jk, shes not from the 20s...) but anyway, we coined the phrase "Jack Daniel's Story" b/c of this.
Have fun, get wasted!
by K on a Stick January 29, 2008

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