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*Also known as L.D.S.
*Really cool guys to hang with
*Are easilly misunderstood
*Have a rather loose, laid back religion, nothing is really required of it's members, thats just what people think at first glance
*Believe that God is 1 person, Jesus is 1 person, and the HG is 1 person, which makes waaaaaay more sence than them being all one person
*Aren't poligymists, those are those reorganized fundamentalist fucktards that gave us a bad friggin name.
*Don't want to degrade, be better than, or flame any other religion.
Mack: Yeah, you know those whores down in colorado city?
Tanner: Uh huh.
Mack: yeah well those guys been givin us mormons a bad name.
Tanner: yeah so true! they should all go to cuba where no-one will care what the hell they do there.
by K'/l3 March 27, 2007

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