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Better known to the locals as "the LC". It's a small fishing town overrun in the summer by preppy, rich kids who have nothing better to do with their time then tear around town in their sports cars. More often then not they will absolutly in no way talk to a local, because of course, we're not as rich,pretty or in general, awesome as they are. The only real fratenizing that occurs is between the hot moms who lay out ont he beaches all day, and the cute lifeguards who rub lotion on their backs. The drama in this town, caused mainly by those rich kids, is comprible to that of the OC. Only thing is that the locals all know whats up, and how to throw damn good parties that the yuppies arn't invited to. The LC will forever be our town!
You have 3 brand new sports cars and nothing to do? Head to the sunny beaches of Little Compton!
by Just a local yocal July 16, 2006
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