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I can honestly say that Westport is a really rich town and lots of people wear really nice clothes get good grades and cool cars but most of the people are good people. Is there a problem with having fun with your money and buying a boat or a car as long as you earn it ... no. I have lived in Westport for 13 years and i don't really have any complaints. To sum up Westport in a few words is that we have a great school system, sports programs, big houses, and a beautiful town. You'll have a good time if you find the right people for you and don't let others influence you. Every town has their problems and Westport's happens to be drinking. I guess we do think of Norwalk as "ghettos" but thats only because Westport is a really safe community and were not use to being in a city or a poorer community. People who dont live in Westport and are getting these signals that we are rich snobs we have all had our hard times so please just look at it like a different life style then yours or any other town.
Ps. If you come to Westport you wont be let down
by Julliette O August 24, 2011

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