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A cocky little punk ass who won one championship in 2004, but was kicked out of his 97 Rousch Racing car in 2005 because of drunk driving. Got his ass whipped by Jimmy Spencer in the 2003 race at Michigan. (Spencer punched him repeatedly in the nose and bloodified it) In the 2007 Dover race he nearly ran over Tony Stewart's Pit Crew member. Nascar sucked up to the little queer and only fined him $100,000 and 100 driver points. (the same fine Dale Earnhardt Jr. Received for a spoiler violation in addition to having his crew cheif suspended for 6 races. This goes to show that having a mistake on the car is as bad as nearly running over somone.
"Kurt Busch is a punk ass"
by Jr Fan425 June 12, 2007
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