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the most beautiful female organism on the planet earth, her name is Morgan Ann Czaplewski, she is so fucking gorgeous you just have to be her friend. even if she doesn't like you. you need to be her friend. she is cool.
Jose: "Hey Mac & Cheese what's goin' on?
Morgan: "Not much"
Jose: "Hey, I didn't mean that, can we stay together?"
Jose: "Plese, please, please, please, please?
Morgan: "No, no, no, no, no."
Jose: "Why?"
Morgan: "Because you fucked up like a dumbass idiot"
Jose: "What? I'm sorry! I can change for you."
Morgan: "No!"
Jose: "Fine, ignore me."
Morgan: "Yep!"
Jose: "-.-"
Morgan: "You had your chance."
Jose: "Wish I had it again, you would fall for me, fuck all those other dudes, they ain't as hardcore as I would be for you. I promise you fuly."
Morgan: "Thinking.... "No response", ignore, ignore, no response."
Jose: "hahaha, ok, let's just be friends, fuck it."
Morgan: "k."

//p.s. editor. please accept this entry, I am trying to talk to one of my oldest friends since way back, I want to convince her to be my friend. Help me. You will be highly referred. I promise.
by Jose Contreras June 02, 2008
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