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"BINary ZERo" - abbreviation as used initially by (1970's and later) IBM S/3x0 mainframe programmers.
Pronunciation: /'bin-zur/
noun :
1 : a binary digit of the value '0';

2 : a byte in which all bits are zero; eight consecutive binary digits of the value '00000000' (hexadecimal '00');

3 : the lowest value in a computer collating sequence; NUL.
plural -s :
4: containing multiple (usu. consecutive) bits of the value zero, or bytes in which all bits are zero.
transitive verb :
5: to change the value of bits or byte(s) to binary zero.

<A binzer flag bit equates to OFF.>
<The last record is binzers.>

<Binzer your flag fields when you define your constants.>
by Jonathan Deaux February 17, 2019
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