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An asian race that are either the nicest people you know or complete dickheads. The nice ones are just that; nice and chillin. Its kinda hard to hate these guys. The dickheads are over-prideful, talk korean behind everyone's back, smoke all the time, talk "gansta" when they have no muscular strength or divinity and they hang out exclusively with other koreans. The nice ones are usually the smartest of the pack, and the dickheads are usually the dumbest. The nice ones may not always have the best social skill, but the dickheads have no social skill. The nice girls are cool, just like any other cool girl. The dickhead girls are whiny and will die if left without attention. The nice guys are smart and fun to hang with. The dickhead guys are annoying and will one day die of lung cancer.
"Hey dude, lets go hang out with that chill nice korean guy!"
"OK man lets do this"
"Hey dude, lets go beat the hell out of that dickhead korean!"
"OK man lets do this"
by Jonathan (Last Name) September 16, 2007

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