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Whilist stoned, RizN tried to say "Blueberry Waffle" but ended up saying "Bwaffle". This word has come to mean so much more in time. Bwaffle means EVERYTHING.
Last night I bwaffled the bwaffle out of your mom. Then she bwaffled my bwaffly car, and we bwaffled a bucket of pancakes. What a fucking bitch.
by Joint Masta Jay April 29, 2005

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Pirate-Ninjas are basicly Ninjas that are as smooth-talking or disguistingly rude as a pirate, and can also perform all ninjary whilst being fucked up like a pirate.

Weed and Liqour are the standard intoxicants required for ninja-piracy, although any upper, downer, stimulant, depressant, dissociative, or psychedelic can be used.

There are three Master Pirate-Ninjas:
Jay the Liar
RizN the Trickster
and Nic The Guy Who Is Quiet, Short, and Incredibly Sneaky

from there, the hierarchy goes:
Pirate-Ninja Advocates (pirate-ninja trainees)
and Morons (everyone else)
whoa, that guy just smoked 5 blunts, ate a gram of shrooms, then kicked atleast 9 or 37 people in the face, got laid real quickly, then dissapeared into the night. Damn he's a Badass Pirate-Ninja!
by Joint Masta Jay April 30, 2005

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