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The origins of the word stem from the Persian language of Farsi. "Meshky" actually means "black" in Farsi. The word "meshky" is used as a secretive derrogatory remark towards African Americans. It is a lot more inconspicuous to yell out "meshky" rather than to yell out other offensive words that start with "n". "Meshky" is used commonly amongst suburban white kids. Although only a few say it to black kid's faces, "meshky" is mostly just shouted as they walk by, as you drive by them when they are walking along the road (most popular), or when you talk about them with your friends.

Also used as "meshk" for short.
"Ey! Check it meshk"


"Today inbetween classes, I was walking down the crowded stairwell when all the sudden traffic stopped. 4 meshkys decided to stop for a small chit chat and a small step dance"
by Johnny B Good April 20, 2005
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