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Vince Noir is a character portrayed by English mega-comedian Noel Fielding. Vince is a mix of awesomeness and hair awesomeness, two awesomenessess which rarely, if ever meet. His show counter part is a similarly awesome man called Howard Moon, Howard is somewhat jealous of Vince always taking it a step over whatever Howard does.
Vince Noir:My hairs an intrinsic ingredient to this show.
Howard Moon: Do you really need 15 people working on it at any one time?
V: Atleast, 2 for fringe, 1 for feathering, 1 for height, circumference.
H: Circumference?
V: yes hair cicrumference, theres alot to think about with hair. If my barnet doesnt look good people get furious, they tune out immediately.
H:I think you underestimate the power of my acting to hold a crowd.
V:I dont think so.
H:I dont need funny little hair-do to do that. I do my own hair.
V: Council does your hair.
by John Beefburger October 08, 2007

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