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A big fat ugly bitch who had sex with a piece of shit male whore (see also Joe Mangum) who had a pregnant girlfriend. Then after the child is born she calls and harrasses them trying to say that they are going to take custody. Once they go to court she feels bad because she is so obese she cannot fit in the chair and makes herself feel better by staring down the "other woman". She is a big turd and cannot hold down a job because no employers can stand to look at her face because she is so ugly.
Shinaynay and Joe Mangum are pieces of shit.
by Joe hater June 18, 2004
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see also Joe Mangum, and whore, a man that cannot satisfy himself with doing it with the same woman every day therefore he needs to stick his small penis into big fat bitches named Shinaynay and Heather.
Joe Mangum is a stupid male whore
by Joe hater May 26, 2004
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