5 definitions by Jo4Bean

A positive validation towards another person or thing, usually with a sexual connotation.
I’d totally smash that hot 40 year old guy
by Jo4Bean July 26, 2019
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Short for ‘as fuck’ used with an adjective to demonstrate something or someone as being the maximum level of that description.
by Jo4Bean July 27, 2018
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Someone that is obsessed but not to the point just yet of stalking.
That guy on the second floor is such an obsalker
by Jo4Bean July 23, 2019
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When your lady is cold but still wants you to perform mouth action.
Don’t be a bitch, Rob. Twatsicle her no matter how cold it is.
by Jo4Bean November 1, 2019
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Having virtual sex over Zoom
B kept fantasizing about zoomexting with that hot midget on Twitter
by Jo4Bean December 21, 2020
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